Each player brings a squadron of 4-5 ships, all players should have the same number of ships:

  • 1 Capital Ship

    • Capital ship is the largest ship of the squadron and is build on a 8x8 baseplate.

  • 3 - 4 Fighters and/or Medic ships

    • Build your fighter or medic on a 4x4 baseplate.

Each ship have 4 stat categories:

  1. Attack or Heal:

    1. The attack point your Fighter will fire OR

    2. The shield point your Medic will heal/add

  2. Range:

    1. The maximum range of your attack

  3. Speed:

    1. The maximum distance your ship can travel

  4. Shield:

    1. The defence point of your ship.

    2. If your ship’s shield drops to 0 it is destroyed.

    3. A medic ship or faction ability can heal any ship, other than itself, up to its shield stat.


Each ship’s stats is determined by the player with the exception of the capital ship. All capital ships have a set stats (see table below).

Custom Ship Stats VS. Ready-To-Play Ships

You can choose to distribute the points on your ships OR you can play the Jr. version where each player picks from 4 ready-to-play ships with set stats. 

To distribute/customize your ship's stat points: Each ship has a total of 16 points that can be distributed in each stat and each stat category must have a minimum of 2 points and a maximum of 10 points.

Mark the stats of each ship on a paper. You may also place 1x1 bricks on the ship's baseplate to mark its shield points [in pictures shown].

* Fighter ships can not heal unless through faction ability.

* Medic ships can not attack unless through faction ability.

Capital Ship (SET stats):

Attack = 3

Range = 3

Speed = 3

Shield = 10

Fighter Ship Example:

Attack = 3

Range = 4

Speed = 7

Shield = 2

Medic SHIP  Example:

Heal = 2

Range = 6

Speed = 3

Shield = 5

Build a hinged ruler as shown:

The ruler is how you measure the distance your ship travels as well as whether you can attack or heal another ship. 

Key parts:

Hinge Brick 1x2 Parts#30386


Hinge Plate 1x2 Locking Parts#44302 with Hinge Plate 1x2 Locking Parts#44301