What happens when ships collide?

Any ship that touches or collide with another vessels - any part of the ship - both ships will receive -3 points to their shield.

Can my ship fly through another ship? 

No, that will constitute a collision.

Does my ship have to be within the baseplate area?

No, your ships only need to be build on a 4x4(fighter or medic) or 8x8 (capital ship) baseplate. 

I don't like ships, can I use birds, ponies, and lions?

Yes, build whatever you fancy as your game pieces. That's the beauty of a game made from bricks.

Where can I get some ideas of ships and game pieces? 

Have a look at the Ships & Glory flickr group where you can get inspired as well as showcase your own creations! 

I really like this game, who should I give credit to?

Give credits where its due: The guys at Mobile Frame Zero deserve all the credit for this genre of game. Head on over and check out their game!