A player’s turn begins by:

  1. Activate one of your ship in the squadron

    • You may not activate the same ship as you activated last turn.

  2. Roll 2 dice:

    • The total rolled number can be distributed to Move, and or Attack/Heal, in that order. 

    • If you roll a double, you may activate your faction ability during its related action.

      • I.E. If your faction grants you +6 attack points, you will use it during your attack phase. 

1. MOVE:

  1. You may move up to your maximum speed stats but within your total rolled number.

    • You must move a minimum of 1. 

  2. Use the ruler to measure your movement.

    • To turn, you subtract your rolled speed number by 1 for every click of the ruler.


  1. The remaining number after you have move is your range. You may target a ship up to your ship's maximum range stat.

    • If you are not in range of your target, your turn is over.

  2. Use the ruler to see if you can target any enemy ship.

    • Measure from the front of your ship’s baseplate to your target's baseplate with the exception of the capital ship. The capital ship can attack from all 4 sides.

    • To make a curve shot, you subtract your rolled ranged number by 1 for every click of the ruler.

    • If the targeted ship is in range, it is hit with your ship's attack stat. 

  3. On hit, the targeted ship’s shield points subtract the your ship's attack points.

or HEAL:

  1. To heal another ship:

    • Same as attacking procedure but add shield points instead of subtract.


Player’s turn is complete,

rotate clockwise to next player and repeat.