1. Determine the area of play:
    • 3’ x 3’ or smaller OR
    • 6x [48x48] baseplates into a large square OR
    • 4x [48x48] baseplates or equivalent for quick games
    • Add desired planets or outposts as obstacles; build on 4x4 baseplates
  2. Determine if this is a timed game or till 1 capital ship is left in play.

  3. Roll dice as to which player starts first; go clockwise. This game requires 2x 6 sided dice.

  4. 1P [1st player] will place their capital ship along the edge of their side of the play area.

    • Ships are to be placed on the play area, any ship that moves outside the area is considered destroyed or lost.

  5. 2P [2nd player] will place their capital ship…3P.... 4P...

  6. Proceed to place the other ships on the play area 1 ship per player at a time.

  7. State each player’s faction ability that will persist throughout the game.

  8. 1P starts their turn.