• Considering changes to ruler size: Extend each notch to 4 studs from 2. 

V.05 [July, 5, 2016]

  • Simplified gameplay section by allowing players to distribute their dice roll number for movement, attack, and heal. 
  • Each turn a player activate one ship, but can not be the same ship as they activated on their last turn. 

V0.4 [ Mar.14,2016]

  • Heal abilities revision:
    • A medic ship or faction ability can heal any ship up to its shield stat and not over.

V0.3 [ Feb.18,2016 ]

  • General:
    • Editing and wordsmith for clarifications.
  • Faction Abilities:
    • Are now optional; a player may choose to activated it or not.
    • They are activated at the end of the player's current action: attack, heal, or move.
  • Attack / Heal action on another target:
    • Range is now rolled first; If you can't target, your turn is over. We hope this will expedite the flow of the game.
  • Move action:
    • Instead of forcing the player to move the highest rolled dice, the player now have a choice of either dice - the high or the low number - if their speed stat is under 6, or the additional choice of the combined number if their speed stat is above 6. We hope this will facilitate more movement options for players.

V0.2 [ Feb.11,2016]

  • Added Jr. Version with 4 ready-to-play / Preset ships.  
    • Removed another layer of setup to get kids into the game quicker.

V0.1 [ Feb.10,2016 ]

  • First draft of rules. Play testing needed.